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The Community Economic Road Map is a guiding document for the City of London and its community and business partner organizations. It is intended to serve as a catalyst for maximizing economic success across the City, as well as a uniting point for collective action to support ongoing prosperity for London. It includes broad objectives, as well as short, medium and long term initiatives/actions related to various areas necessary to realize economic success. The Road Map is a unique tool for London as it recognizes the importance of collaboration, as collectively achieving the economic goals outlined within will help grow the economy and make our city and region an even better place to live and work.

Entrepreneurship and organic growth are central components of any sound economic Strategy. Innovation-driven entrepreneurial activities and small business are increasingly being recognized for sustainable job creation. People express their creativity and diversity through entrepreneurship, so a greater level of entrepreneurial activity can positively impact how a community is perceived as advanced, open and welcoming.

Economic growth is only possible when community and business organizations support business decisions that make investments in jobs and capital. This is why the growth of the London economy depends in part, on our ability to remove barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship, and enhance the predictability and efficiency of business support services and a commitment to timely customer service when engaging business and investors.

London’s Downtown plays a central role in shaping the life of Londoners and is a reflection of the city’s traditions and aspirations. London’s urban core, and associated quality of place, is the cornerstone of its value proposition to attract new residents and businesses alike. Investing in London’s centre is a necessity to ensuring the continued growth and prosperity of London for generations to come.

Aligning talent with employer needs has become a key success factor for growth and economic and social well-being. Demographic trends, rate of technological change and global business transformations are challenges and opportunities. This requires us to ensure a welcoming, continuous learning environment where talent finds opportunities and has confidence in future success.

London’s medical sector is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the country. London’s medical and scientific sector specializes in a wide range of established and emerging areas of research excellence. With the formation of the London Medical Network (LMN), the City of London has the opportunity to be at the leading edge of global medical advances and applications that will advance local investment and industry growth in the healthcare sector for years to come.

<h1 style="font-size:16pt;padding:15px" align="center">London's Community Economic Road Map Implementation Partners</h1>
logos of london's community economic road map implementation partners

London’s Community Economic Road Map Implementation Partners

logos of london's community economic road map implementation partners

London’s Community Economic Road Map Implementation Partners

logos of london's community economic road map implementation partners

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